Plastic Sleeve Pack Boxes

TECPACK plastic sleeve Pack Containers, also known as the bulk pallet pack, are a form of reusable bulk container that is widely deployed in automotive and other industries. Compared with injections plastic pallet bulk containers, they provide a more flexible, lower-cost approach to reusable packaging, while providing a very attractive alternative to expendable packaging in many applications.

Maybe as sleeve packs boxes appear late, so different people name them differently, such as plastic pallet boxes, bulk containers, sleeve pack containers, smart boxes, collapsible bulk containers, Mega Pack, and so on.

What is a Sleeve Pack?

Sleeve Pack is a kind of cost-effective bulk container, lightweight, durable, returnable, and flexible on sizes. Plastic sleeve box combined by a pallet base, a top lid, and a fold-able or two-piece sleeve. Sleeves are usually made by PP or corrugated cardboard and they can be in various thicknesses, depending upon the demands of the application.

Inner package Material

TECPACK has rich experiences to help you design and choose suitable materials to pack cargo very well. Non-woven fabric, polymeric foam, corrugated sheet, customized thermoformed pallets, even steel structure can be adopted as inner package material, depending on the application.

Other accessories

Sleeve pack bulk containers are typically equipped with some accessories , such as drop doors, locks, and velcro, customized internal dunnage, graphics, colors, as well as sleeve material and thickness choices

What is the advantage of Sleeve Pack Containers?

  • Same with rigid plastic fold-able pallet boxes, they are also reusable bulk containers but with cheaper package costs.
  • Bulk sleeve pack containers perform well in the load capacity of range 300kg-1000kg(600lbs-2200lbs)
  • Compared with wood packs, they are hygienic and washable.
  • Sleeves are removable, lightweight, durable, and collapses when emptied to provide efficient storage
  • High return ratios of 4:1 or 7:1
  • Easy of customization and operator convenience
  • Sleeve pack pallets are usually blowing or blister pallets, versus injection molded pallets, they can be more quickly and lower cost much prototyped to various pallet sizes as required.
  • Easy and speed of assembly and disassembly