Plastic Foldable Pallet Boxes

If you are looking for a kind of durability and longevity reusable bulk container, then you are at the right place. Techpack collapsible bulk bins are designed for the most demanding applications that require exceptional durability and reliability.

Same with sleeve pack bulk containers, injection foldable pallet boxes are also excellent reusable bulk bins, however, injection collapsible shipping containers have some special features, Let us share with you.


Tecpack reusable bulk bins are available for various industries, including automotive, industrial, distribution, food and beverage, chemical handling, resin, fruit and vegetable harvest, and storage as well as military-grade applications.


  • Tecpack bulk containers are totally recyclable and are made for the Circular Economy and have a very low carbon footprint due to their reusability.
  • Heavy-duty high to 4T, Stacked high to 4 layers
  • FDA-Approved
  • Washable, Sanitary


Tecpack collapsible bulk bins are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a durable material that will protect your products throughout the duration of the container’s life.


Tecpack plastic bulk containers fold easily, and their doors are made with fully articulating hinges that allow an open door to lay flat against the side of the container for tighter, safer storage.


Tecpack plastic pallet boxes can be stacked layer by layer upright or collapsed.


Tecpack box pallets are available in a variety of sizes to meet different applications.


Tecpack heavy duty storage boxes offer capacity ranging from 1T to 4T.

Plastic Pallet Boxes

The pallet box is a large carrying plastic turnover box made on the basis of plastic pallets, which can be used for inter-factory goods turnover and commodity storage.

The foldable and stacking characteristics of the collapsible pallet box can effectively reduce the loss of goods and make greater use of the transportation space. There are partitions around the pallet box to reduce the collision loss of goods, protect fragile valuables, and improve all aspects. Work efficiency can be recycled, saving packaging costs.

There are anti-skid blocks at the bottom of the folding pallet container and the entrance of the forklift to prevent slipping during handling and movement, and it is more stable to stack on the ground. There is no mesh cleaning dead corners inside, which is convenient for cleaning. There are small doors on the long side to facilitate the entry and exit of goods. There is a card slot for installing information, which is convenient for marking the information of the goods in the collapsible pallet bins.

Plastic Harvest Bins

Tecpack Plastic Harvest bins are made of high-impact strength HDPE (low-pressure high-density polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) as raw materials. And commodity storage, thickening and strengthening the load-bearing capacity, can cooperate with forklift operation, convenient and efficient.


  1. The fork is fed in four directions, the forklift is easy to carry, and the forklift is easy to change.
  2. Plastic harvest bins Use low-pressure high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for one-shot injection molding, acid and alkali resistance, leak-proof, collision resistance, high compressive strength, non-toxic, harmless, and pollution-free, and can be widely used in fruit and vegetable harvest, food, medicine, storage and transportation, etc. industry.
  3. vented harvest bins A small door is set on the long side to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods.
  4. agricultural harvest bins Reinforcement structure is set on the base and door part, the cardboard box has a longer service life and stronger durability.
  5. vegetable harvest bins Compared with wooden boxes, plastic pallet boxes are more durable, and there is no risk that wooden boxes may carry moths in the import and export process.
  6. Plastic harvest totes can be folded, and the empty box is easy to store and store.