Tecpack Products

Tecpack is the largest manufacturer of sleeve pack boxes in China.
To provide the most processional packaging solution and one stop packaging materials.

TECPACK plastic sleeve Pack Containers, also known as the bulk pallet pack, are a form of reusable bulk container that is widely deployed in automotive and other industries. Compared with injections plastic pallet bulk containers, they provide a more flexible, lower-cost approach to reusable packaging, while providing a very attractive alternative to expendable packaging in many applications.

If you are looking for a kind of durability and longevity reusable bulk container, then you are at the right place. Techpack collapsible bulk bins are designed for the most demanding applications that require exceptional durability and reliability.

As time goes, package bulk bins types go richer and richer.Wood bulk containers, corrugated cardboard bulk bins, plastic sleeve pack containers, collapsible pallet boxes appear, which meet different package industry demands. Even though, Industrial Bulk Containers are still the most popular type bins.

The main internal materials arecorrugated plastic Sheet, bubble sheets, honeycomb sleeves, EVA cotton, pearl cotton, foam, flannelette and other anti-shock and anti-friction materials, and some products are directly packaged in blister trays.

Storage cage is also a special form of packaging; it has a similar function as a pallet, but its steel material, mesh, and three-dimensional structure determine that it can be used as a three-dimensional loading and unloading, storage, transportation tool, and as a logistics turnover.