TV back panel packaging Solution

TECPACK satisfies the needs of customers well in the packaging of home appliances.

Hisense is China’s TOP3 home appliance manufacturer, and it is also the top ten Chinese brand most familiar to overseas people for 6 consecutive years. TV is the most important series of products in the Hisense Group.

At the request of Hisense Group, TECPACK was fortunate to be able to design the TV back panel packaging project for them.
Considering the large size of the back panel of the TV, there is no standard size enclosure for use as the outer box. First of all, for the outer packaging, we adopted an iron tray as the supporting base and a plastic honeycomb panel as the enclosure and cover. At the same time, in order to satisfy that the boxes can be stacked on each other, we use HDPE corner brackets to meet the nesting problem when stacking boxes.

For the selection of internal materials, we adopted EPE as the partition of the TV back panel, so as to avoid possible damage caused by the vibration team products during transportation.

The parameters of the products used in this solution

Product namePlastic Sleeve Box
External dim.1348*1078*880mmCustomerHisense
Internal Dim1280*1010*700mm Qty/box2*20=40 pieces
Folded Height1348*1078*230mmVolume reduced3:1
Stacking 1+2Stacking layers1+2
Single box load300kgPallet typeSteel bottom pallets
Unit weightMaterial of inner pacakgeEPE