Plastic Bulk Containers

As time goes, package bulk bins types go richer and richer.

Wood bulk containers, corrugated cardboard bulk bins, plastic sleeve pack containers, collapsible pallet boxes appear, which meet different package industry demands. Even though, Industrial Bulk Containers are still the most popular type bins.

Reusable Industrial Bulk bins are durable, stackable, and a cost-effective way to ship products.

Tecpack sturdy bulk pallet boxes will last for years, even under harsh conditions.
Whats’ more, all of our bulk containers are recyclable, meaning our products can help your organization reduce its carbon footprint.

Tecpack large industrial containers are widely used in many industries, including the agricultural industry, fishing, Electronic and hardware accessories, and other industries.

Why Tecpack for Industrial Bulk Containers?

Expert advice on just the right shipping containers for your operation as well as methods for streamlining your material handling processes with 30 + years of reusable transport packaging experience.

Short lead times. We have more than 30 injection machines that promise quick production.

Professional international team promise every link of business goes smoothly.