Auto Sealing Strips package solution

TECPACK team adopts sleeve pack boxes as the package solution and hollow board as the bearing plate, which allow bigger and more quantity stips packages.

what’s more, Automobile sealing strips won’t be indented and creased.

Automobile sealing strips belong to the vulnerable parts of automobiles. Indentations and creases are not allowed. After the indentations or creases appear, the sealing performance of the automobile cannot be guaranteed.

The packaging of automotive rubber strip products generally uses EPE to wrap the parts individually or separate the parts and the box, between the parts and the parts with EPE, or gather the parts into the packaging box.

The traditional sealing strip packaging will adopt small carton packaging as above, and each box contains a small quantity. During transportation, some cartons are often packed together in a wooden box or pallet. The packaging cost is high and the space is limited in the box. If the carton is not firm, it is likely to be turned over and handled when the carton is repeatedly transported, causing functional damage to the goods.

TECPACK perfectly solves the problem of battery packaging and distribution for new energy vehicles.

The parameters of the products used in this solution

Product namePlastic Sleeve Box
External dim.1140*980*865mmCustomer
Internal Dim1060*900*685mm Qty/box7*19=133 pieces
Folded Height1140*980*220mmVolume reduced3:1
Stacking 1+1Stacking layers1+1
Single box load300kgPallet typeInjection 3 runners pallet
Unit weightMaterial of inner pacakgehollow board