Inner Package Materials

Recyclable packaging, that is, reusable packaging, the commonly used types of materials are as follows.

1. Plastic sleeve boxes(plastic pallet containers).
2. Metal rack/box
3. Plastic lining

In the auto parts industry, the recyclable plastic lining usually adopts various materials.

Different products have requirements on different customized packaging, the products can be arranged in an orderly manner in the logistics boxes to prevent collisions and friction , Efficient use of the space in the box to improve the pass rate of the product.Such as corrugated plastic Sheet, EPE/EPP/EPS/EVA, PS/PP/PET/PVC blister tray and so on.

The main internal materials arecorrugated plastic Sheet, bubble sheets, honeycomb sleeves, EVA cotton, pearl cotton, foam, flannelette and other anti-shock and anti-friction materials, and some products are directly packaged in blister trays.

1. pearl cotton

Like EVA, pearl cotton can be processed into various styles, but pearl cotton is light and cheap, which can reduce the cost compared with EVA. However, for some heavy hardware products, the service life of pearl cotton is relatively low.

Pearl cotton can be used to make more complex large-enclosed inner materials, and EVA is relatively difficult to make.

2. EVA

A product made of high elastic rubber material with very good elasticity and processability. Color, thickness and hardness can be made according to requirements. The conventional colors are white and black, and the hardness is 38-40. Other colors can be customized only after a certain quantity. The thickness can range from the thinnest 1.5MM to the thickest 50MM, which can be stamped into different profiles, and can also be pasted on the inner wall of hollow boards and boxes as anti-friction materials. It is widely used in the production of auto parts interior materials.

3. Foam

Relatively less foam is used, because the foam is brittle and easy to fall off. Existing use is all the better foam products of some high density.

4. Hollow board

Hollow plates are also widely used in the auto parts industry, and can be used to make various knife cards, partitions, cover plates, etc. And can combine the above materials to make different inner materials.

5. Blister

Blister packaging is a general term for plastic products produced by blister technology and packaged with corresponding equipment. Blister products are mainly made of high-quality PVC, PET, PP, PS, GAG, flocking and other plastic materials. The products mainly include: blisters, trays, blister boxes, etc.