Help Vorwerk to pack Vacuum Cleaner parts well

The design of TECPACK perfectly solves the needs of customers, and at the same time helps customers save a lot of transportation cost.

Vorwerk, one of the world’s four major vacuum cleaner brands, founded in Germany in 1883, with high quality and continuous innovation, has been loved by users all over the world for many years.

TECPACK is honored to receive Vorwerk’s requirement, asking us to help them design packaging that can recycle vacuum cleaner accessories. After receiving the commission, the TECPACK design team carefully studied the product and found that the vacuum cleaner components are irregular in shape and lighter in weight. It is not resistant to pressure and friction and finally decided to use non-woven fabric as the partition material in the box. The non-woven fabric is soft and easy to fold. It can cut off the product well and keep the surface of the vacuum cleaner accessories free of friction, low cost, and empty. The box can also be folded together when returning, so it doesn’t take up space.

The parameters of the products used in this solution

Product namePlastic Sleeve Box
External dim.800*600*600mmCustomerVorwerk
Internal Dim730*530*480mm Qty/box2*5=10 pieces
Folded Height800*600*210mmVolume reduced4比1
Stacking 1+1Stacking layers1+3
Single box load100kgPallet typeBlister pallet
Unit weightMaterial of inner pacakgehollow board