Help Toyota to pack Steering Wheel well

TECPACK started the packaging scheme after receiving TOYOTA’s packaging request for the steering wheel.

Considering the hole in the middle of the steering wheel, TECPACK decided to use a steel pipe as a fixing device. First, the steel pipe was fixed to the bottom tray with screws and heat-sealed with silicone. The connection was shock-proofed with banana washers, and then the steering wheel could be covered one by one. Finally, it is packed and transported in plastic hoarding boxes outside.

TECPACK helped TOYOTA solve the problem of transportation of spare parts between different factories.

The parameters of the products used in this solution

Product namePlastic Sleeve Box
External dim.1200*1000*890mmCustomerToyota
Internal Dim1135*935*710mm Qty/box5*6=30 pieces
Folded Height1200*1000*890mmVolume reduced1:1
Stacking 1+1Stacking layers1+3
Single box load300kgPallet typeInjection 3 runners pallet
Unit weightMaterial of inner pacakgeHoneycomb sheets & steel robs