Steel Package

What is a storage cage

Storage steel cage, also known as warehouse cage, butterfly cage, turnover cage, etc., is a container widely used in automotive electronics manufacturing enterprises and large warehouse supermarkets. Storage cages are widely used in raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products. Temporary storage, transportation, sorting and storage process.

Storage cage is also a special form of packaging; it has a similar function as a pallet, but its steel material, mesh, and three-dimensional structure determine that it can be used as a three-dimensional loading and unloading, storage, transportation tool, and as a logistics turnover. It can also be used as a sales tool; its function has penetrated into the fields of production, circulation, and consumption, and has experienced temporary storage, packaging, loading and unloading, storage, transportation and other links, and runs through the entire process of logistics. It can be used with logistics equipment such as attic shelves, medium-sized shelves, supermarket shelves, heavy-duty shelves, book shelves, and automated three-dimensional warehouses.

The characteristics and functions of storage cages

[1] As an important container in the logistics industry, the storage cage has the following characteristics: (1) It is made of high-quality steel, cold-rolled and hardened and welded, with high strength and large loading capacity.
[2] The specifications are unified, the capacity is fixed, the stored goods are clear at a glance, and the inventory is easy to check.
[3] The surface is galvanized, beautiful and anti-oxidation, and has a long service life.
[4] Adopting international standards, it can be used with containers to effectively improve space utilization.
[5] It can be stacked four layers high to realize three-dimensional storage.
[6] Surface environmental protection treatment, sanitation and immunity, turnover, storage and recycling will not pollute the environment.
[7] Cooperate with forklifts, ground cattle, elevators, cranes and other equipment for efficient operation.
[8] Folding structure, low recycling cost, is an alternative to wooden boxes.
[9] Wheels can be installed at the bottom, and the internal turnover of the factory is extremely convenient.

At present, storage cages are mainly used for the storage and mechanized turnover of heavy or large items, and are especially suitable for the use of automobiles, home appliances, mechanical hardware and other industries. They have been widely used in Europe, America, Japan, Taiwan, and other regions.

Base on technological capabilities, Tecpack can offer flexibility to customize steel pallets and collapsible metal bins to satisfy a diverse range of client needs.

Considering optimal strength, our customized metal pallets feature wire/ solid decking and a structural steel base.

Our foldable metal bins are typically constructed from a combination of wire mesh and honeycomb sleeves sheet and feature structural angles as corner posts and a tubular base for underneath support.


1. Built to specific dimensions on customer requirements, tough steel construction provides optimal strength and durability
2. Rapid content identification
3. Non-flammable
4. Easily stacked, foldable, and reusable

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