Customized Packages

The biggest advantage of TECPACK is not only lower prices as a manufactuer, but that after more than 20 years of deep cultivation in auto parts, logistics and other industries, we have rich project experiences and product customization capabilities. For the customer’s product, the corresponding packaging plan will be quickly designed, and the advantages of the producer is quickly producing samples and arranging production.

1. Product name:

Non-standard customized sleeve boxes.

2. Product size:

The length, width and height can be customized to fully adapt to the product size

3. Molding structure:

Method 1: The plastic sleeve containers,the upper lids and bottom pallets are all honeycomb structure sheets, and the outer side and the bottom bracket are reinforced with galvanized triangle steel, and the color can be customized.

Method 2: The upper lids and bottom pallets can be produced with a single-layer blister mold, and middle parts are the honeycomb sheets.

4. Product material:

The upper lids and bottom pallets are made of PP polypropylene, with a thickness of 10mm, and the corners are galvanized triangle steel (painting is optional).

5. Customized pakcgaing boxes load:

The load capacity of a single box is 300kg (the actual load is affected by the weight of the plate, and the weight can be adjusted according to specific needs to meet higher load-bearing requirements), static load stacking 1+2, dynamic load stacking 1+1.

6. Recovery rate:

The ratio of unfolding and folding of a single box can reach up to 1:8.

The whole box can be customized, with a high degree of freedom, which can meet the needs of products of various sizes, and can also meet different load-bearing requirements.