PP Corrugated Plastic Sheet Divider Partition

Corrugated plastic sheet (also called hollow lattice board, PP corrugated board, double-wall PP board) is a light weight (hollow structure), non-toxic, non-polluting, waterproof, shockproof, anti-aging , Corrosion-resistant, colorful new materials.

Compared with cardboard structural products, Corrugated plastic sheet have the advantages of moisture resistance and corrosion resistance.Corrugated plastic for packaging such as for example, interlayers, boxes, trays and interior fitments. It is produced in sheets by extrusion from 100% PP-plastic (virgin or regenerated). It is produced in many thicknesses between 2 and 12mm. It is very light weight and very durable, why it is specifically suitable for return systems. Colour can be customized.

Compared with injection molding products, Corrugated plastic sheet have the advantages of shock resistance, flexible design structure, and no need producing new injection molds. At the same time, the sheet can be flexibly added with anti-static and conductive masterbatch through the control of raw materials to produce a hollow plastic sheet with conductive and anti-static functions. The surface resistivity of the anti-static sheet can be controlled between 106 and 1011. The surface resistivity of the electrostatic conductive sheet can be controlled between 103 and 105.And they are 100% recyclable.

PP Hollow boards have been used in the automotive industry for a long time, and the most popular products are PP hollow board turnover boxes, deviders and inner packaging materials in plastic sleeve containers.

In addition, PP hollow panels can also be applied to various industries such as electronics, hardware, electromechanical, machinery, instruments, meters, decoration, furniture, postal services, agriculture, medicine, food, advertising, etc.

Stiff and light weight
High stiffnes compared to weight

Moisture proof
Not affected by moisture or liquids

Does not emit dust and is approved for direct food contact

Temperature and sound insulation

Long life span

Low environmental impact
Consists of Polypropylene and is 100% recyclable.


Raw Material100% polypropylene, virgin or recycled
Standard: 2mm 3mm 3.5mm 4mm 5mm 8mm 10mm
250 g/m2 -3000 g/m2
Any colours possible, recycled material usually black / grey / blue
Food Contact
Approved for Direct food Contact (not recycled material)
Printing possibilities
Flexo, screen, digital, UV
UV-protection, ESD-protection, flame retardant, bio-degradeble
Automotive and engineering Construction Medical Foods


We suggest to check below details and contact our sales team to get prompt and processional solution.

1. Pallet application
for racks-generally choose 3 runners pallets,full perimeter bottom type pallets and double faced pallets;
for transportation-generally choose 3 runners pallets,full perimeter bottom type pallets and 9 feet pallets;
For one-way delivery-generally choose 9 feet pallets.

2.Pallet size

3.Pallet load capacity
dynamic load, static load and racking load.

Yes, we can customized for any color.

Generally 15-20days against deposit.

  • Customized Logo printing;
  • Customized color;
  • Free det+dem at destination port;
  • Three years quality warranty