Twin-sheet plastic sleeve boxes 1600*1150-sunken safety stop type

Blister / Blow molding

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    Item No.HD-CM160115
    Material:HDPE(lid & pallet)+PP(honeycomb sheets)
    External DIM(mm):1650*1150*500/ 760/ 860/ 1000/ 1050/...
    Any customized height
    Internal DIM(mm):1540*1080*300/ 560/ 660/ 800/ 850...
    External -200
    sleeve height(mm):Total height-120
    Folded height(mm):1600*1150*205
    pallet & lid weight (kg):31 kgs(pall et:18.5kg + lid:12.5kg)
    Locks:Optional , 4 locks at lid,4pcs at bottom pallet
    Honeycomb sleeve:11.3mm 3.0kg/m211.3mm 4.0kg/m2
    Static load(kg):1+3 (1200kg),height<900mm
    1+2 (1200kg),height>900mm
    1+3 (2000kg),height<900mm
    1+2 (2000kg),height>900mm
    Dynamic load(kg):1+2 (900kg),height<900mm
    1+1 (900kg),height>900mm
    1+2 (1500kg),height<900mm
    1+1 (1500kg),height>900mm
    Single box load(kg):300Kg500Kg
    Folding times:≥30,000 times
    Temperature:-20°c - 55°c
    Service life:More than 3 years
    Folding type:M-folding / Li-folding
    Steel Reinforcem ent :No
    Packing quantity:90 sets/20G240 sets/40H

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    1. Pallet application
    for racks-generally choose 3 runners pallets,full perimeter bottom type pallets and double faced pallets;
    for transportation-generally choose 3 runners pallets,full perimeter bottom type pallets and 9 feet pallets;
    For one-way delivery-generally choose 9 feet pallets.

    2.Pallet size

    3.Pallet load capacity
    dynamic load, static load and racking load.

    Yes, we can customized for any color.

    Generally 15-20days against deposit.

    • Customized Logo printing;
    • Customized color;
    • Free det+dem at destination port;
    • Three years quality warranty