Why your company needs these extra large, heavy-duty foldable plastic pallet boxes?


These heavy-duty foldable pallet boxes are the perfect choice for reusable packaging. Built for loads that need maximum protection, they will benefit you year after year and course after course ( containers have a durability of up to 20 yrs). And the containers are heavily reinforced with steel bars. In the walls and the bottom, To protect its precious load.

Is this really what your logistics needs?

Due to the current global situation, logistics managers and departments must quickly find strategies to help their companies cut costs. 50% of the price of companies’ products or goods is made up of the cost to transport them to the end user. So shrinking this cost is the only way to remain competitive in the market. Much can be saved by purchasing smart. Like almost NEW products with 70% discount. And no warming time for production.

Currently, manufacturing companies have no better alternative for transporting goods and products over short and medium distances. This is the best solution! It`s no longer economically viable to purchase disposable logistic carriers for each subsequent delivery. The costs are enormous! And add to that the cost of disposing of these single-use carriers. In contrast, reusable carriers are environmentally friendly.

Exceptional pallet boxes at an amazing price

These heavy duties reinforced collapsible pallet boxes for returnable packaging are mainly made of plastic. But they are actually armored! The containers have steel reinforcement at the most important structural points. They are suitable for use by many industries and are preferred by automotive companies. Folding, reinforced pallet containers for vulnerable and heavy loads. Height: 950mm. Tecpack offers them in several dimensions – all with the lid included. The discount on price will be up to 70%. Even for the ones almost new.

The advantages of Tecpack extra large foldable pallet boxes:

Designed for big loads, long service, and reusable packaging.
Steel reinforced in topside drop door, below drop door, and around the bottom.
Used, but in excellent condition (inspected and guaranteed)!
Collapsible. Drop doors on 4 sides.
All containers have a lid with handles for easy opening and closing.

Get them NOW with a 70% discount on new products!

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