The world is so big, Where can I buy suitable plastic containers?

The automotive industry is undergoing the biggest transformation in its history. The accelerating trend towards electrification and driver assistance features, the reinvention of life in the vehicle, the increasingly important role of lighting… These megatrends will only grow in importance in the coming years.

In this process, the automobile industry has paid more and more attention to environmental protection for many process productions, so people have become extremely concerned about various materials, especially in the packaging industry, while honeycomb panels and plastic sleeve pack containers have changed a lot on packaging and transportation of the auto parts industry.

It is an environmentally friendly and economical packaging material, not only lightweight but also safer and highly customizable.

The world is so big, Where can I buy suitable plastic containers?

TECPACK factory locates in the Yangtze River Delta region of China, where the industrial facilities are complete and the transportation is convenient, and an only 2-hours drive to Shanghai Port.

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