How are Plastic Pallet Sleeves formed? What are the characteristics?

Plastic Pallet Pack Sleeve Box is composed of a pallet, box body, and box to cover, which is called a hoarding box by stacking and more than one section of hoarding.

Sleeve Pack Bulk Container Features:

1 . The length and width of the Plastic Collapsible Pallet Pack box are determined according to the size of the wooden pallet, and the number of layers used can be determined according to the height of the load, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the box space.

2 . The Plastic Pallet Pack box can also be called a nail-free box, which avoids the risk of workers being scratched by nails during loading and unloading.

3 . For the same size box, if part of the box is damaged, it can be completely interchanged.

4 . The Pallet Pack Container is easy to transport and can be folded into a connected structure and placed on a pallet, which reduces the storage and transportation volume and reduces the transportation cost.

Returnable Pallet Sleeve Detail:

1 . Flexible used and easy to assemble.

2 . The uniqueness of the Pallet Pack All-in-One box is that it has a special frame structure. The box body can be multi-stacked as required, and the height can be lengthened. As a new type of packaging container, the Palle Sleeve Pack Container is set up to increase the flexibility of use, and the number of hoardings can be increased as needed. The nail-free structure and simple internal composition make disassembly and assembly easier, reducing many troubles in the installation process.

3 . Recycling, green and environmental protection.

4 . Environmental protection is an important packaging concept, and recyclability can greatly reduce packaging costs. Compared with general wooden boxes, the flexible structure of Plastic Smart Pallet Boxes also makes them suitable for most different specifications of goods, especially irregular products such as fasteners, metal balls, stamping parts, etc. The size of the frame can be flexibly changed according to the goods. If it is damaged after long-term use, it will not affect the whole, and it can be partially repaired and replaced. Multiple advantages, not only save resources but also reduce costs.

5 . Lengthen the stacking for easy storage.

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