Battery Packaging Equipment
EV Battery Pack Design
Unitized as a whole EV batteries packaging, easy to pack, transport, and disassemble.
It is composed of a lid + injection molded pallet + injection molded middle trays, forming a unitized package as a whole, which is convenient for loading and unloading.
Battery Canton Packaging
  • Advantage

    1. Battery cells would not have friction and collisions between the layers of the trays, ensuring the safety of the transportation process during delivery in big quantities;
    2. The trays can be customized according to the size, shape, color, etc. of the battery cells;
    3. After dust-free treatment, the surface finish is guaranteed to be maximized, and there is no shrinkage, scratches, black silk, etc;
    4. Recyclable, service life reaches 3-5 years.
battery pack
battery packaging
battery package
  • Cooperate with various equipment on the production line to realize automatic operation

battery pack
Portable Battery Packaging
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battery pack
  • EV Battery Packaging System in Use

  1. The whole set of packaging components can be operated with manipulators to realize automatic operation;
  2. There is a safe distance from the Tray to the top of the cover and to the inner side of the walls to ensure the safety of the battery during transportation;
  3. Obtained UN certification to ensure the reliability of export transportation.
ev battery solutions
ev battery packaging
Battery Packaging Equipment