Battery development startup Verkor to build gigafactory in northern France.

Verkor is currently looking for a suitable construction site for its first lithium ion ev battery pack production plant, and the company’s partners in the project include French planning, development, investment, and construction company IDECGroupe, as well as technical and engineering supply Schneider Electric and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology Sustainable Energy Institute (EITInnoEnergy) will also supply financing support.

It is reported that the batteries produced by Verkor will be used in electric vehicles (EV) and stationary energy storage in the future, which means that Verkor will become another European local power lithium ion ev battery pack after Sweden’s Northvolt, UK’s Britishvolt and Norway’s Freyr. company.
“We are a multinational company and are growing rapidly with the addition of talent from all over the world. Combining the technology and resources of our strategic partners, we will start building this lithium ion ev battery pack super plant in 2022 and deliver the 1st lithium ion ev battery pack by 2023. A batch of lithium ion ev battery pack products, and accelerate industrial production, which is the key to accelerating Europe’s low-carbon goals.” Verkor CEO Benoit Lemaignan said the company.

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French battery startup Verkor has announced plans to put into operation a lithium ion ev battery pack plant with an annual output of 16GWh in France in 2023 and expand its annual output to 50GWh based on market developments.

However, it is well known that CATL, Tesla, and LGChem plan to build a super factory in Germany, and recently, the European “CATL” Northvolt is building a factory in Sweden. French battery manufacturers have not heard of it yet. Verkor invested in France this time. What is the point of building a factory?

First of all, of course, it is the problem of breaking the geographical imbalance that we mentioned above; in addition, other reasons for supporting Verkor’s construction of super factories in France also include low-carbon electricity from French specialties, as well as some well-known French car manufacturers and industry-leading energy sources. Suppliers will become important customers of the company.

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With the above information, in fact, it is not difficult for us to find that Europe is building a sustainable lithium ion ev battery pack chain, and the construction of a super factory in France this time will greatly reduce the carbon emissions of batteries.

Diego Pavia, CEO of the Institute for Sustainable Energy at the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, also explained the need for Verkor’s existence, “Verkor’s first Gigafactory will help close the gap between domestic battery demand and supply in Europe; Combined with the post-pandemic economic recovery plan, this move will further strengthen the battery value chain in France and Europe, from material extraction to recycling, and boost the business of hundreds of companies in France and Europe.”


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