Ascend Performance Materials is showcasing its latest electric vehicle materials at Battery Show Europe this week.

Ascend Performance Materials is showcasing its latest electric vehicle materials at Battery Show Europe this week. Ascend’s products on display include its new color-stable grade Starflam® flame retardant polyamide; its new Vydyne® AVS for damping noise, vibration and road feel (NVH); and its REACH registered electrolyte additive Trinohex® Ultra.

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Ascend has developed a color-stable orange grade of its Starflam 525K flame retardant PA66 that is laser-markable and retains its electrical properties after more than 5,000 hours of long-term thermal aging, including UL 94 V-0 (0.2mm) flame retardant grade. This new color stable grade is designed for use with high voltage splices and busbars.

Ascend’s new vibration damping material, Vydyne AVS, will also be highlighted. Tailored to dampen the high frequency vibrations of electric vehicle motors and compressors, AVS is an effective NVH solution that reduces cabin noise without adding complexity or weight to the vehicle.

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Finally, Ascend will also introduce its Trinohex Ultra electrolyte additive, which improves lithium battery performance, safety and longevity. In third-party testing, Trinohex Ultra has shown excellent cathodic protection performance in both cathode and electrolyte chemistry. This protection reduces harmful gas production by 30% and enables longer-lasting performance, especially in extreme conditions.

Ian van Duijvenboode, Ascend EV Business Director, said: “Our goal is to bring new material solutions to the EV space. Our capabilities in application and design engineering, combined with our extensive materials knowledge, continue to help the original Equipment manufacturers address some of the major challenges in safety, passenger comfort and range.”

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